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Mostly useless drivel on my youtube channel but D. Bunker made me think of sharing it. It shows a range of my experience from December through February. Frankly, videos take a lot of energy to make and I don't usually have enough. The "happy" videos were grossly exhausting. I told Ana today, who was fooled... Continue Reading →

Please help my friend

I spoke with the detox center today. I will be admitted with no problem but if she does not come up with the cash they are too small of a facility to be able to afford taking someone on who does not pay upfront. I cried when I got off the phone. I called my... Continue Reading →

In Senate Probe, NAMI Admits To Over Half Its Budget Being Pharma Dollars

Please read about this damning admission at Furoius Seasons. I'd like to clarify something Philp says though about MindFreedom--- that though some MindFreedom members are certainly anti-med the organization is a human rights group that focuses it's energies fighting against FORCED and INVOLUNTARY treatment. Nowhere does it's mission statement or board support an anti-med approach.... Continue Reading →

Warning now out of a bunch of “mood-stabilizers”

UPDATED: IT WAS A WARNING NOT A BLACK BOX WARNING I've been seeing this everywhere for the last 24 hours or so, but haven't felt like dealing with getting it up here. It's something lot's of you will want to know though. Many of these drugs are only used for seizure disorders...but a good number... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

Our notions about happiness entrap us. We forget that they are just ideas. Our idea of happiness can prevent us from actually being happy. We fail to see the opportunity for joy that is right in front of us when we are caught in a belief that happiness should take a particular form. –Thich Nhat... Continue Reading →

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