In case you don’t know the rules: guidelines for being a good patient (and Blog Against Disabilism Day)

incurable hippy is "celebrating" Blog Against Disabilism Day today. I've done no such thing, though I spent a lot of time trying to explain my insights among a bunch of mental health professionals in an email group I'm a member of. (I was at one time a mental health professional) I talked at length, in... Continue Reading →

A horrible and criminal tragedy brings about a much needed review

After 7-year-old's suicide, officials order look at drug use of other Florida foster children: In the aftermath of 7-year-old Gabriel Myers' suicide (uh, murder, is more like it), state child welfare officials will review the case files of every foster child in Florida to see how many are on mind-altering drugs. (addition in parenthesis mine)... Continue Reading →

Addiction to psychiatric drugs…not so funny in reality

From Art Margin. The art work of Emma Hollister. Well worth a visit to her site!

“Environment-related disorder” —- Social commentary from the Simpsons

In a recent episode of "The Simpsons," Lisa Simpson is diagnosed with "Environment-Related Despair" and given a prescription for a drug called Ignorital. The doctor says to Lisa, "Let me show you how Ignorital works." A very brief youtube is here: For the whole episode you can watch it on hulu tv and it's worth... Continue Reading →

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