Five more fake journals produced by pharma

This is old news, but hey, I'm traveling. I posted about the first fake journal that was discovered here. From Forbes: Elsevier, the publisher of some of the top medical journals in the world, said Thursday an Australian unit contracted with drugmakers to publish what appeared to be medical journals that didn't disclose who had... Continue Reading →

Linda Andre — on Madness Radio about her book on ECT (electroshock “treatment”)

Linda Andre has written a scathing and moving critique of ECT and here she is interviewed by Will Hall about it. I can tell you the book is a page turner, but I have not finished it. I've not been well enough to read in general and basically have not read a whole book in... Continue Reading →

More from Sean in Brazil–his theories on “bipolar disorder”

Many of the recovery stories from extreme states on this blog support these theories. Sean's youtube channel is here.

Dear family and friends

I wrote this to my family and friends yesterday, many of whom know very little about what is going on with me. Dear family and friends, Some of you know some of this and some of you don't. I have reached a point in my detox where I cannot go on without professional care. I've... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

The greatest protection is a loving heart. Protecting yourself, you protect others. Protecting others, you protect yourself. - The Buddha

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