The new drug of choice for children–Risperdal

From CBS news here is a video I could not watch because my wireless is screwed right now. Please let me know what it says. Here is a comment from an email group reporting on it: Just watched coverage on mainstream media (CBS Evening News tonight) of dangers of Risperdal to address behavioral problems in... Continue Reading →

Recovery from withdrawal affirmation

Sent to me from a recovered benzo friend. Though this is a positive affirmative prayer for any withdrawal from any drug. From this website: I may not understand this complex withdrawal process, but I accept that positive changes are taking place. I trust that the outcome will be full recovery of my nervous system. In... Continue Reading →

Keener’s odyssey (part 3)

Here is part 3 of Keener's journey. The rest of this post is her words: This part of the tale charts how I struggled to find a footing in the world and to find joy in it. However the ‘happy ever after’ part ultimately became somewhat delayed as I made a slight detour into utter... Continue Reading →

An open letter about debilitating chronic illness (mine caused by psych med detox)

I found this written by a woman name Ricky Buchanan. I've discovered by creeping around the CFS and Fibromyalgia boards online that my day to day lived reality is like theirs. I am agnostic about giving myself such a label but I gain much support and don't feel as alone when I interact with people... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an admittedly evil drug rep

From reality blurred last year: At one point, Corinne insisted, “I have no moral compass.” The most damning illustration has to do with her (now former) job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, where she said she knowingly sold drugs to physicicans that she knew would kill people. “Selling drugs is a lie. I sold drugs... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

As we strive to develop compassion for ourselves, it’s important to avoid making “letting go of desire” or “developing compassion for yourself” into new objects of compulsive desire. Becoming obsessive about quickly seeing big results from our efforts is a sign that deluded desire rather than compassion is driving our efforts. Real progress derives from... Continue Reading →

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