Blisschick shares her journey through depression—beautiful, inspiring story

So many paths to wellness. And no two journey's ever look alike. Can I Get a Witness: Overcoming Depression through Story -- by blisschick I will put a permanent link to Blisschick's story on my recovery stories page.

Quote of the day

As rain falls on the just and unjust alike, let your heart be untroubled by judgments and let your kindness rain on all. - The Buddha

My friend for whom we’ve been fundraising shares her story of deterioration by psych meds

this is an old post...not an ongoing fundraiser Amy has been so crippled, traumatized and cognitively impaired by her circumstances she had to get help from her friend to write the below.  She also happens to be very very smart with a mind for medicine so she does go into some detail. She has not... Continue Reading →

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