FDA considers approval of hard-core tranquilizers for children

Neuroleptic and other very serious adult psychiatric drugs have been being used "off-label" for children for a very long time. They're now considering officially approving them. From boston.com: Three blockbuster psychiatric drugs currently approved for adults also appear to work in adolescents, though federal health officials have concerns about their side effects. The Food and... Continue Reading →

Intimate bonding—how psych drugs get in the way

I've spoken before about issues with bonding and intimacy while on psych meds. Here the topic is again visited with brilliance by Evelyn Pringle. Personally I think this can effect mothers and children too. From LawyersandSettlements.com: Although the adverse effects of women taking psychiatric drugs while pregnant related to birth defects and infant withdrawal syndrome... Continue Reading →

The benefits of eating real food

A mothers discovery of one thing that happens when one is exposed to processed foods. Processed foods are implicated in multiple mental health problems as well. On ABC news. (a video) This can happen to anyone and as the mom said it's a wake up call. What they don't get into is how many deep... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

When I say "Yes,"* when I embrace however I am, I've already changed. *If you can't say "Yes!", you can probably say "OK." It's a beginning. - Cheri Huber

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