Study Refutes Depression Gene

But stressful life events can trigger the condition, researchers say Gee, you don't say? Wow...this is in a major media news outlet. It's from HealthDay but also appeared on Yahoo and so I suspect it's all over the place. What is the world coming to when the major media makes the mere suggestion that, hey,... Continue Reading →

Very entertaining and fascinating diversion

To read about what these clouds are click here. And it's hard to believe but apparently they are not photo-shopped.

Quote of the day

To meditate is not to empty the mind and gape at things in a trancelike stupor. Nothing significant will ever be revealed by just staring blankly at an object long and hard enough. To meditate is to probe with intense sensitivity each glimmer of color, each cadence of sound, each touch of another’s hand, each... Continue Reading →

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