Short and sweet cat video

She looks just like my Jezebel, except this little kitty is younger. And Jezebel actually has a much more annoying meow when she goes at it. (the video is short and sweet at only 1/2 a minute)

I’m oh so close…

I DO NOT RECOMMEND IV nutrient therapy for withdrawal. While they may not cause any harm they are most likely a waste of money. I do think that on occasion some people do find them helpful, but they did not help me at all and most people I know who've tried them felt the same.... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

People often talk about trying to hold back their tears, but as human beings, we should take pride in our capacity to be sad and happy. We mustn’t ignore the preciousness of our human birth or take it for granted. It is extremely precious and very powerful. We cannot ignore our basic human endowment. –Chögyam... Continue Reading →

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