Hospital to home to hospital

Keener's continued saga: Links to the first several chapters are here if you’ve missed them pick them up here: Part 1 and 2 here and part 3 here, and part 4 here,part 5 here and part 6 herepart 7 here and part 8 here and 9 here. I encourage you to pick up the story... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day — two for one

Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Letter to the director of the detox program that screwed me

For background info read this here. I wrote this letter to the director of the detox place I went to about 8 days ago. He responded with one sentence about an hour later saying, "I am pulling together information and will send you a detailed response." The subject line from me read: "I hope you... Continue Reading →

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