Asthma drugs get precaution labeling by FDA for psychiatric side effects

One more class of drugs with possible neuropsychiatric side effects revealed. How many people with psych diagnosis are made worse by these every day without even knowing it? My guess is it's in the millions. I don't know enough about asthma to recommend alternatives but it seems to make sense to do some research if... Continue Reading →

Anti-depressants can damage men’s sperm

The study concentrates on Paxil, but it's safe to assume men and any couple hoping to conceive have an addtional reason to be wary about any SSRI or SNRI as they all are very similar in many ways. From the Chicago Tribune: Add anti-depressants to the list of substances that can damage men’s sperm and... Continue Reading →

The saddest thing

Somehow I've never heard of this woman. She is a 60's singer and songwriter. She's awesome and was one of the performers at Woodstock. Seems like I should know her. Anyway now I do. Melanie Safka:

Quote of the day

A very popular error-having the courage of one's convictions: Rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack upon one's convictions. -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Good for Venezuela — Takes Coke Zero off the market

Hugo Chavez may be doing it for political reasons but Coke Zero is filled with all sorts of crap that is dangerous to your health. Of course Aspartame is all over the place including this drink, and is implicated in all sorts of chronic health problems, especially auto-immune diseases and mood problems. In any case... Continue Reading →

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