Benzodiazepine withdrawal and basic information page: Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Alprazolam, Diazepam–to name the most commonly used

mint_mothers_little_helperI was bored on the 4th of July weekend as I’m still stuck in bed but everyone else in the world is out barbecuing leaving the internet a very quiet place! Hope you are all having fun!!

I’ve made a new page with a tab on the top of the blog. I’m copying it here just so y’all know it’s here. But for updates, as I try to keep all my tabs updated, you will want to click here or look to the top of the page if you found this page sometime in the future of when it’s posted.

The new page is simply called Benzos–the tab at the top of the page with all the other tabs.


Here is the text of that page updated 5/2012

I thought I would put a page together on benzo information and benzo withdrawal in particular since I have more collected info about this class of drug than the other 5 classes of psychotropic meds I’ve withdrawn from. Basically benzos and now antidepressant drugs are the two classes of drugs for which there is really quite a lot of info on the web regarding withdrawal. It’s still mostly anecdotal and not studied, but it’s been recognized much longer that there are severe problems with withdrawing from these two class of drugs so it’s easier to collect information regarding such.

So here is what has become a rather extensive collection of articles and stories that deal with just benzos. Please visit my about page for a larger picture of how to safely withdraw from these drugs where lifestyle changes are talked about and several books are mentioned to help one support body/mind and spirit. Much about withdrawal remains the same in each class of drug. So for more info please to visit the About page.

The Accidental Addict — Benzo withdrawal documentary

“The biggest mistake I ever made was…going to see a psychiatrist” (Stevie Nicks) a benzo story

New video: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs: A Harm Reduction Approach | Will Hall

News and general info on benzodiazepines:

Help for getting off of and recovering from benzodiazepine use:

Benzo stories from my own experience (much of this has applicability to others in withdrawal, I often talk about my experience with others suffering from withdrawal syndromes too):

**These archives  now span close to five years. They are a record of a time in my life when I was learning and transforming at a rate unlike any other time in my life. I say this as a way of disclaimer. In the earlier years of this blog I am processing shock and dismay. In the early years I am undisputedly angry. I have worked out much of that and see things in a much less judgmental manner now. This continues to evolve. I sometimes want to take down old posts because they no longer convey how I feel, but I realize that they may still be helpful to people who are going through something similar now. The journey got me to where I am today, it’s just odd to have some of it in writing here for all to see. 

Recovery Stories:

Good books on how to deal with anxiety:

Online support:

There are many more online groups and boards if you do a google search. There are also lots of videos on youtube that have been made by people coping with withdrawal.

See here for more info about Online Withdrawal Support

I’ve found that all support groups and forums have their own particular culture and dogma. Please use your own best judgment. The most important thing to remember is that you are an individual and withdrawal manifests differently for everyone.

Also be aware that the benzo boards in general know very little about the particular risks and dangers of other drugs one may be on along with the benzos and in fact often give very bad information. This is a generalization but it pays to be aware of a lack of knowledge and experience by people who sometimes act as if they know more than they do. Multiple drug situations get extremely complicated and most benzo folks think it’s benzos are always at fault when speaking about withdrawal issues when it may or may not be true in any individual situation.

One board made it explicit to me that I was NOT ALLOWED to talk about other drugs at all after I gave some information to someone who had started a thread about antidepressants. The information I gave was limited to responding to a direct inquiry about a particular documented risk involved in taking antidepressants. This silence about another class of drugs in a benzo forum is a dangerous precedent to set and so if you have any other drugs involved in your taper I would recommend going somewhere you can freely talk about all of them.

The same thing happens on antidepressant withdrawal boards where people are routinely on benzos and no one realizes how dangerous the benzos are. Just be aware all the psychotropics have serious issues as well as withdrawal problems. That some people sometimes choose to take other drugs to mitigate withdrawal from a drug is fine…it is their right to do so, but if information is withheld about the risks involved in doing so how is the board different than a psychiatrist saying everything will be fine while they feed us benzos.

As always informed choice is what is missing. Once the information is available people should have the right to make whatever decision is right for them.

Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications — things to think about before deciding if you should discontinue your medications

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  1. WOW…….I’m beside myself…..
    Gianna, I just finished reading so many many of your blogs for the very first time. I’m so thankful for you. So very thankful…..I’ve been on Klonopin for almost 11 years and I’ve grown to know that coming off of this was going to be difficult, but I had no idea how difficult until I started researching Klonopin withdrawls intensely over the past few days……If I only would’ve known the disaster and devastation this drug could bring when I was put on it years ago, I would’ve refused to take it without question OBVIOUSLY…..Who wouldn’t? I’m trying to find the best way to get off of this…..It’s beyond time. I’m so scared though. I’ve been to the deepest depths of panic, anxiety, and depression….More than most people I’ve ever encountered……This journey will be interesting to say the very least. I’m on 1mg of Klonpin…… I’m such a fighter–Honestly and obviously, there is absolutely no medicinal effect of this drug for me anymore but I have refused to take more of it over the years,,,,afraid that if I did, it wouldn’t work, or I wouldn’t feel any relief because I would take too much and max out. However, there have been times when I have tried to come off of this to no avail, but I’ve never done it with medical supervision and very slowly……So, my journey begins, as yours is ending—At least I hope and pray for you that it truly is. Thank you for YOU. The realness of who you are, your willingness to share, your ability to fight, and your heart and passion for others is wonderful and a blessing……This is your mark, your legacy if you will. This is definitely a piece of your purpose in this life… Keep fighting, keep stepping, I await your progress and trust in total healing for you….


  2. Sorry you had a boring 4th of July. If it makes you feel better I had to cancel my plans so that I could recover from all the fun (read: mixed drinks) that I had the night before. I should know better but I guess we all need to be stupid every now and then.

    Thank you for posting this information. It’s a great list.

    1. yes, I love the retro picture too…there is a blog entitled better living through chemistry...though I think they believe it…though I’m not sure I’ve spent any time on the blog…

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