How cats get high

Cats on catnip:

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  1. Doug,

    I too know how horrible it is to loose a cat- several days after my former cat, Cleo went to the Rainbow Bridge, I adopted my present cat. On one of the windowsills in my apartment is a big fluffy tan pillow. It was Cleo’s favorite place to rest, because it picks up half the sunshine during the day, and she loved the feel of it on her fur.

    One day my cat now jumped on that pillow and jumped off, like it was on fire. She hisses and will not go near that pillow. Nor to that windowsill. EVER.

    I am convinced the ghost of Cleopatra is there, watching me.

    Funny thing about my cats, my current cat, Holly, looks like Gianna’s Kali, and my previous cat, looks like her Jezebel.Maybe that is why i feel Gianna is a kindred spirit.

  2. This is your cat’s brain.

    This is your cat’s brain on catnip.

    This is me tripping over the latest destroyed catnip mousie on the floor.

    Any questions?

    I loved this.

    Holly my cat says meows and purrs to Kali and Jezebel, and hope they will get some catnip too. Did you notice that one of the cats looked like your Kali and one looked like your Jezebel?

  3. we always had catnip in our garden for our cat Arianna, I think it gets them high, especially if you crumple it in front of their noses.

    too bad she got killed by the killer machine, the American automobile.

    Catnip is still growing in our herb garden… Maybe for her spirit?…

    1. Hi Doug,
      yes I read your beautiful posts about your kitty (and your mama).

      I don’t think I told you but Arianna is similar to Kali…they are both brown tabbies…though Arianna had more white…

      Both my kitties love catnip and act much like the kitties in the video, except for the drool…but I’ve only bought dried catnip…

      wondering what fresh catnip might do to them?? perhaps this warrants a trip to the garden store?

      yes…my kitties are really rather ordinary, so they look like lots of cats…though their spirits are uniquely their own!!

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