Changes for DSM-V, the Psychiatrist’s ‘Bible’

Proposed Draft Revisions to DSM Disorders and Criteria — APA site with the copy.

Here is a link to Google news where you can read commentary etc. It’s all over the web today.

Additional commentary at the New York Times by Benedict Carey here.

NPR on cutting.

NPR Asperger’s Officially Placed Inside Autism Spectrum

Asperger’s, ‘Mental Retardation’ Likely History In Revised DSM Disability Scoop commentary

PsychCentral’s notes.

On “personality disorders” from Psychology Today

Children’s tantrums may be classed as psychiatric disorders under US proposals Guardian UK

NPR: Children Labeled ‘Bipolar’ May Get A New Diagnosis — “temper dysregulation disorder”

Philip Dawdy’s commentary on Furious Seasons — Some Initial Thoughts On The Draft DSM-5

I may add stuff as I come upon it. Check back later.

As this is a blog that explores alternatives to psychiatry this is not information I personally feel any need to dwell on, but since it’s a huge phenomena that won’t quit we do need to be aware of what is happening.

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