Links from out and about (for Sunday)

This was being saved for Tuesday but there is some great stuff coming out and people like to read on Sunday:

  • Book Review: ‘Eat Your Way to Happiness’ by Elizabeth Somer LA Times — Put down that Prozac prescription and head for the pantry, says Elizabeth Somer, author of the new book “Eat Your Way to Happiness.” It’s time for a diet makeover. Changing what and how you eat can dramatically improve your life, without the negative side effects of antidepressants NOTE: Optimal diets can change quite dramatically from individual to individual. It’s good to familiarize oneself with different ideas about optimal diet. Many people need to consider what is appropriate for them as individuals.
  • Why Psychiatry Needs Therapy — A manual’s draft reflects how diagnoses have grown foggier, drugs more ineffective — Wall Street Journal — To flip through the latest draft of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, in the works for seven years now, is to see the discipline’s floundering writ large. Psychiatry seems to have lost its way in a forest of poorly verified diagnoses and ineffectual medications. Patients who seek psychiatric help today for mood disorders stand a good chance of being diagnosed with a disease that doesn’t exist and treated with a medication little more effective than a placebo. More mainstream disenchantment with bio-psych.

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