Medication side effects and psychiatry (that often denies them) – John Breeding

Some good musing about this issue.

From the youtube page:

Research shows that mental health consumers report adverse events and negative side effects from psychotropic like antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiety medications and psycho-stimulants drugs (like Ritalin, Concerta, etc.) 200 times more than their psychiatrists. Why is this? **the body of the article below states 20 times more than psychiatrists. Perhaps this is a typo

The article that John Breeding is referring to in the beginning of the video is this:

From Psychology Today: Why don’t psychiatrists notice when patients experience medication side effects?

The investigators followed 300 patients who were in ongoing outpatient treatment for depression over six weeks. The authors compared what the patient reported on a standardized scale of 31 different side effects (Toronto Side Effects Scale; TSES) with the information recorded by the treating psychiatrist on each patient’s chart. The main finding: A stunning disconnect between psychiatrists and their patients. The average number of side effects reported by the patients on the TSES was 20 times (!) higher than the number recorded by the psychiatris. When the investigators concentrated on those side effects that were most troubling to the patient, patients still reported 2 to 3 times more side effects than were recorded by the treating psychiatrist.

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