More Crooked Beauty — the film screens in New York

The latest information on Crooked Beauty, which I’ve posted about a couple of times is as follows.  The film-maker, Ken Paul Rosenthal, shared the below information with me:

Crooked Beauty is a poetic documentary that chronicles artist-writer (and Icarus Project co-founder) Jacks McNamara’s transformative journey from psych ward patient to pioneering mental health advocate. This film re-shapes mental health stigmas and stereotypes into a new healing culture and political model for living with madness as a tool of creativity, inspiration and hope. Crooked Beauty will be screened six times at the Reelabilities Film Festival, which is running February 3 – 8 in the NYC area.

Times and dates can be found on the festival homepage. The dvd can be purchased through the film website.

If you’ve not seen the trailer, here it is again:

A haunting, beautiful and inspiring film.

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