Meditation and people who enrage you

Rather than changing anything about yourself, meditation begins with the opportunity to sit with yourself exactly as you are within that maelstrom of craziness we call everyday life, and relax with all your insane brilliance and ridiculous confusion.

via Susan Piver 

This is good stuff and it points to my most central practice of being with what is (whether it’s rage, or fear or depression, or JOY etc). Remember Jayme’s piece on this too, How I deal with mental breakdowns. There are many ways to express this practice, recently I also posted Love your fear, with Jack Kornfield and Catherine Ingram, who also speak to this. Pema Chodron, too, teaches this as a main theme and this little post encapsulates it, Befriending ourselves.

The word “practice” here is perfect. We practice that which we hope to gain competence. We are not necessarily competent at all. We continue on.

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