DSM5 — short video and plea from the Society for Humanistic Psychology

Sign the Open Letter to the DSM-5 Committee and the American Psychiatric Association to change DSM-5. David Elkins, PhD, President, Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology, APA voices concern that the DSM-5, if not changed, may harm vulnerable populations and the field of psychology itself.

This video briefly articulates the brilliant and scholarly Open Letter that accompanied the petition, which you can still sign here.

I highly recommend reading the much more detailed letter at the link when you go to sign the petition.

I’d like to say that the current DSM is already grossly harmful and changing the DSM5 is likely not enough. The labeling and pathologizing of normal human behavior started a long time ago. Still this helps raise the red flag and is getting a very important dialogue to enter the mainstream. Please pass it about.

AND!! Over 7,000 people have signed now and the petition has been reported in many news outlets. It’s a big deal and we can make it bigger by signing and talking about the very serious problems with the DSM.

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