Children in foster care being controlled by excessive drugging

This footage is pretty damning. Shows some of the kids on massive cocktails completely out of control and then drug free much healthier. It was indeed my experience of coming off meds. The really weird twisted “emotional” shit was the drugs. I once wrote about the common phenomena of many of us in withdrawal circles discovering that any suicidality we experienced vanished once we were drug free.

We were adults. Imagine what sort of inner resources a troubled child has to combat the kind of ugly akathisia etc that brings on suicidal feelings. None. Screaming hysterically is about it. That is what the below video shows I think. I know what it feels to be like that. No child should have to have his or her childhood marred with such chemically induced agony.

The foster kids story has been in the news again lately which is a good thing.This coshing of our kids must stop. Here are a few links to the print coverage:

●  New Study Shows U.S. Government Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs

●  Rate at Which Psychiatric Meds Are Prescribed to Foster Youth Alarms GAO

●  Foster Children Take Too Many Psychiatric Drugs

Thanks to Susan at Going through Hell for the video footage.

Update: another good comment by my husband. I’ve been sharing lots of these lately!

terrible story — and it’s the same story that the Occupy movement is a reaction to: the financial collusion between government and corporations. Someone needs to do a financial analysis that compares drugs in order to rate them in terms of which have the largest tax dollar component in their profit margins. My assumption is that the profitability of psych meds would be slashed if there wasn’t the medicare/medicaid component.

And of course this is exactly true and people like Jim Gottstein and the organization PsychRights has worked at passing legislation that might protect children. Given that medicare/medicaid is not supposed to cover medications uses that are off-label, the argument has been made that reimbursement is fraud. We have a ways to go.

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