Spontaneous affirmation

Even though I've been chronically ill for a long time the impetus I have towards wellness is so profound I'd dare call myself HEALTHY!

Taking a break and new features on Beyond Meds

(update) Hi...I'm going to make this post from a few days ago a sticky post for a bit so that people might know what is up with the blog. I've continued on the break I mention below. I speak in more detail about it here. It's been an evolution, this moving away from dissecting the problem of pharma-directed psychiatry. I'm much more interested in solutions now and intend to continue moving in that direction. I do not intend to resubscribe to all the pharma and political news about mental health I'd been following. I'm enjoying a somewhat more peaceful existence without the daily reminders of our broken system. So I have been posting lately but mostly things that were already saved and/or scheduled. And the tone of the posts have been solution oriented. Today I had nothing so I thought I'd remind folks that things are changing around here!

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