Deja-vu: I’m done with pharma, drugs, and psychiatry

Ha ha, I wrote the below post in May of last year. Some things take time to change: I’m done with pharma, drugs, and psychiatry. I no longer get health and mental health and psychiatry news delivered to me daily through google reader and email groups. I am much happier this way. Therefore I can... Continue Reading →

The Empathic Civilisation: the human family

Empathy is the oppposite of Utopia There is no empathy in Heaven, I guarantee you, I'll tell you before you get there. There isn't any empathy in Heaven because there's no mortality. There's no empathy in Utopia because there is no suffering. Empathy is grounded in the acknowledgement of death and the celebration of life and rooting for each other to flourish and be. It’s based on our frailties and imperfections...We have to start thinking like an extended family!

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