Poem of madness and healing


Let me emerge with my gift of wisdom
Mysterious experience, a seed in dark soil
I come back from the underworld bearing gifts for the soul
I know how to shine light in a dark place
How to navigate through deep waters
I know how to midwife emotions
I speak the tongues of madness, psychosis
I know the terrains of sadness, hidden meanings, metaphors
I have re-drawn the map of my inner landscape
Transformation, transition
I am shedding skins of inhibitions
I meditate in the holy hedgerow
I died and came back to life
Resuscitated by mother love, unconditional
I can guide you back to light
Deliverance, redemption, grace, my epiphany
I am born again, inside out.’

By Grainne Humphrys

More by Grainne Humphrys on Beyond Meds

Photo credit: Ken on flickr

This lovely poem was first submitted and published with the following article Hope, Time and Love; three guardian angels, Alternative Routes to Recovery

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