It’s open season on people with psych labels…please take heed and help educate the dangerously ignorant

Just FYI: First New York, now New Jersey. It's open season on people with psych labels: Gov. Christie commits to 'fully implementing' mental health treatment law  (that should read INVOLUNTARY "TREATMENT" or forced treatment. Coercion. And the fact is there is no care in coercion...sorry!! It is not the answer here. This is about placating the... Continue Reading →

Are You At Risk For Diabetes and Obesity? If you’ve taken psych drugs the answer is YES #foodie friday

This is a foodie Friday post because what you eat matters.  Since lots of people who’ve taken atypical antipsychotics have developed diabetes or are on the way to developing diabetes, it’s important for anyone with any metabolic issues that have been caused by psych drugs to know the information shared in the below video and... Continue Reading →

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