It’s open season on people with psych labels…please take heed and help educate the dangerously ignorant

STOPFORCEDTX2.jpg.w300h277Just FYI:

First New York, now New Jersey.

It’s open season on people with psych labels: Gov. Christie commits to ‘fully implementing’ mental health treatment law  (that should read INVOLUNTARY “TREATMENT” or forced treatment. Coercion. And the fact is there is no care in coercion…sorry!! It is not the answer here. This is about placating the NRA and nothing more. But it threatens the safety of millions of innocent people)

Please educate yourselves and others…this targeting of people unfortunate enough to have a psychiatric label is the grossest bigotry.

Please see: Day of Action to Stop Mental Health Profiling !!!!! 


The chill of forced incarceration and psychiatric “care” (otherwise known as gun control??)

Please stop this now.

See too, from a couple of years ago, Glenn Greenwald’s comments: (against involuntary “treatment”) The reflexive call for fewer liberties: by Glenn Greenwald who remains lucid in the chaos

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