The body is involved in psychological healing

"All my life God has spoken to me through illness. My pattern is to go along and have a marvelous time until all of a sudden I’m pulled down by some malady. That’s where the real psychological gravity is for me. Throughout my career I’ve seen people have similar experiences: not paying attention to their bodies and getting sick and sometimes even dying prematurely, or, at the very least, not living their lives as fully as they want. I’ve found that talk therapy is not the best way to help these people. In many instances, it is of little help at all. I decided early on that the body must somehow be involved in one’s psychological healing, because the body can hold on to memories and images that are otherwise inaccessible. You can’t get to them simply by talking about them..."

The final installment: letters to my shrink

I've been documenting correspondence with the prescribing psychiatrist that led to the acute and chronic withdrawal syndrome I now live with for a few years. I've written what is most likely a final email to him. I do not regret any of the correspondence and would do it again, but this is what it has come to for now.

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