The final installment: letters to my shrink

do no harmI’ve been documenting correspondence with the prescribing psychiatrist that led to the acute and chronic withdrawal syndrome I now live with for a few years. I’ve written what is most likely a final email to him. I do not regret any of the correspondence and would do it again, but this is what it has come to for now.

To be clear, in the years I’ve been doing this work and authoring this blog I’ve seen people come around and wake up to the harm that psychiatry can cause quite a number of times and I personally never give up on the possibility that people can come to the truth. I’m also clear that I do not know how what I’ve shared has affected those who read what I write or if it may take root in the future. I’ve communicated at every step what I felt moved to communicate with this man who was responsible for my iatrogenesis (drug induced illness) and now it’s time to walk away.

This is my final note to him:

Sadly, communicating with you has been greatly disappointing over these past few years. At the end of our phone conversation you were unable to answer in the affirmative when I asked if we might speak again and you’ve never volunteered a word about what you think or feel about what I’ve shared. So this is the final time I will contact you because it’s nauseating me to think that I was unable to impact even you.

I have a friend who was harmed much like I’ve been. Another benzo victim among the 1000s I now have encountered. When he told the doctor who medicated him the saga of his withdrawal the doctor began to weep. The doctor began to weep when the impact of what his “medicine” had done to his patient hit him. I’ve heard about one other story like that. Most of us, otherwise, are met with denial, disbelief and sometimes additional violence as they are forced to stay on the very medications that have made them so sick.

Anyway…I made mention of our discussion in this post on psychiatrist’s David Healy’s website.

Monica’s story: the aftermath of polypsychopharmacology

If you read the comments at the end of that post you’ll see that other victims of psychiatry have a hard time understanding why I try to communicate with you at all. I’ve always understood where they come from…it’s painful to reach out and not be heard. Of course on occasion for some people it’s downright dangerous. And it’s tragic that you can’t probably recognize that fact.

I responded to those who criticize me for speaking to you here:

Talking to the MD who prescribed the drugs that made me so very ill

Goodbye. I will not contact you again because it leaves me with great sadness that you remain unable to see or hear or recognize pretty much anything I’ve tried to alert you to. Or worse, perhaps, if you do, you cannot say so to me.

Oh just in case you ever care to speak to a psychiatrist who deeply gets it, Dr. WP is there in your neighborhood. He’d most assuredly be interested in helping you understand too. He’s a profoundly wonderful, loving and healing man with very clear vision.

See here for more letters to my shrink (and other various MDs I’ve written to over the years too)

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