Why would anyone want to take this drug?

abilifyWhat did they just say?!

Sadly funny? Tragically funny? Or just plain tragic?

The sad reality is that these drugs are very dangerous otherwise the pharmaceutical companies would not name all these very serious adverse effects in an ad.

SHOOT! very sorry…I didn’t check the embedding code on the video before posting…you can’t watch this on this site. Anyway…it’s worth viewing, but it’s annoying that you won’t see it here. I’m sorry. Just click through to YouTube when you are prompted.

Just the other day I wrote about medical induced illness. See: Medically caused illness: iatrogenic injury

People really do get very sick in a myriad of ways and sometimes die from these medications. Seeking options before resorting to neurotoxic pharmacology is a good idea. There are many options though psychiatrists rarely explore them. For some ideas start browsing the drop-down menus at the top of this blog. I’ve now collected many resource pages so that people might get ideas about how to cope and heal and THRIVE without drugs.

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