Remaining with yourself must be the complete priority…

h-moThe nurturing of vigilance lies in this growing rootedness around not abandoning yourself, not moving away. Remaining with yourself must be the complete priority, otherwise the world is your master. You will run from and feel limited by external circumstances.

But when the true heart’s pull and the courage and the commitment is to being with yourself, then there is the nurturing of this unmovingness. The willingness to remain through all kinds of waves of phenomenal expression.

Through openings and closings, through periods where the ego mind comes up with all kinds of things in an attempt to self-abandon, because its survival depends on self-abandonment.

When this vigilance is rooted, there is a sense that this hunger to be with myself is stronger than egoic habit. And in this rooting, the dissolution of the ego begins happening at light speed. There is the readiness to meet what is called the world, whose only job is to reflect every latent tendency of someoneness. In this way the world is the doorway. ~ Devaji

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