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I don’t like how the wordpress reblog feature works for many reasons, but I love the idea of reblogging, so I’m doing a manual reblog of this below piece because I’d really like you to go and read it.


scan0050The issue with honesty is that it requires us to be…well, honest. Our lives and our relationships are not typically based in honesty, but in placation and cooperation. Over the past few years, as this weblog and my walking-talking endeavors demonstrate, I have been experimenting with being more radically honest. At times, this has not gone over particularly well…because people are not always happy with what you honestly think, what you honestly feel, who you honestly are.

I am learning to be okay with that reality….

…The state of North Carolina is currently in the process of funding a supported employment program for people with mental health and/or substance abuse challenges, and yet there are very few jobs.

“The program is designed to put people in the position of pursuing competitive employment.”

People are so keen to have a job, to make a paycheck, that they’ll do any old thing. It doesn’t matter what. The point is not the job you do, but that you do a job. Having a job, even a lousy job that is pointless and unrewarding, has become an American symbol of human worth and productivity. (read more of this delightful musing)

On a slightly different but related note I (and Rossa) also wrote about work and/or the lack of work sometimes being a good thing: The necessity of madness and unproductivity

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