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Laura Delano’s piece on Mad in America about the new psych drug withdrawal directory. I wanted to highlight a point, below, but please go read the whole thing as well and visit the directory.

lauraReflections on the New Mad in America Withdrawal Directory and the “Mental Health” Vanguard

First, I think it important to touch on what I see as two of the key principles lying at the heart of psychiatric drug withdrawal.  The first is that a person does not need a psychiatrist’s permission to come off psychiatric drugs (unless under court-ordered “treatment”, a crucial human rights issue that I must save for a different conversation); the second is that a person does not always require a psychiatrist (or, for some, a practitioner of any kind) to successfully withdraw from psychiatric drugs.  There are plenty of people out there who’ve successfully come off either on their own or with the support of friends and family.  At the end of the day, each person has a unique set of life circumstances that factor into the decision to come off— physical health, environmental stressors, access to support and community, financial resources, family and professional responsibilities, etc.— and the more educated about the effects of psych drugs and psych drug withdrawal a person can be, the better equipped he or she will be to successfully come off. (read the rest)

This makes me think of an article I also wrote touching on this theme….it’s about the human rights issue and the fact that we do not need an MD to decide to be drug free…even though it’s a taboo thing to suggest we might actually make up our own minds about such things…

The truth is often ugly… (what people are up against when they choose to free themselves from psych meds)

I’ve worked for many years among those harmed by psych drugs and I’ve watched people come back to life and begin to blossom once free of drugs. No one wants to do this without an MD’s help, but the fact is it’s often impossible to find one who will cooperate, let alone know how to give helpful advice. Many of us are working to change that reality. Thank you Laura et al.

**disclaimer: I was seriously and gravely harmed by someone on that directory. Please do your own vetting of everyone you are ever referred to. Even those who claim to know how to help can sometimes believe they know more than they actually do. 

Protracted withdrawal syndrome is something few MDs have recognized and/or treated much at all.  This is true of alternative doctors as well as conventional MDs. I found that MDs who were willing to learn with me were far better than those who thought they know it all…When a doctor assures me they have a fix is when I’m hesitant to work with them at this juncture. As individuals we are all unique so this is not a safe attitude for an MD to ever take really. Again, find doctors who want to learn with you. More info:  Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

This is an article about how to find and work with an MD. It’s written with a particular need in mind but most of the suggestions are universally applicable: Medical compliance? Adherence? No. My MDs are my PARTNERS

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