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In keeping with what I posted by Joseph Campbell the other day, All the gods, all the heavens, all the worlds, are within us, the below description of the Christ path speaks to me. I took a wonderfully profound course by Andrew Harvey a while back and share the below as he offers another seminar this weekend:

andrewharvey-w-bedegriffithsTeachings of the Cosmic Christ

…this is not an easy path. It is not a path for marzipan mystics who want to manifest Mercedes and McMansions. It’s not a path for those who want some kind of transcendent Tahiti that they can go and bask in to bronze themselves in divine light while the rest of the world burns in suffering. It is the most fierce path, because it is a path that does not shirk the necessity of getting into total connection with both of the opposites, the extremest beauty and the extremest horror, and to know them both as sacred, and to know the ecstasy as sacred as the horror, the chaos as sacred as the order, to embrace them all and to embrace all the sufferings and ordeals that are absolutely necessary, and all of the crucifixions, of all of the subtle hiding places of our demonic and destructive shadows, all of them, to embrace them fearlessly because that is the only condition through which the divine can be installed in power in the whole being…

…No bypassing, no addiction to transcendence, no drugging yourself on mystical experience so that you don’t hear the screams of the children and the yowls of the lions that are being slaughtered. No magical thinking, because this great birth isn’t going to happen while we sit on our futons doing nothing. It’s going to happen because we engage with enormous intensity of truth with an evolutionary path that is going to burn us down before it re-creates us. (read more)

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