Full moon (last) night…equinox on the 22nd…energy shifts underway….

The title of the post was a tweet from yesterday:

It’s a shame we’re not taught to contemplate the changes our bodies/minds/spirit go through with the change of seasons. It’s been a source of some of my deepest revelations to note that I too am part of these cycles. So lovely! Not SAD (seasonal affective disorder) 🙂

It makes sense to me to embrace these changes and in so doing spend time contemplating and integrating the message of the seasons and the universe within my body/mind/soul. This is how all of creation speaks to us. This is one of the ways we get the information we need so that we might individuate. 

I’m so glad to now understand this wondrous process so that I might choose to ride the waves rather than suppress them or otherwise try to run away from my very nature. There may be a time and place to hide from and/or slow down the process, but that, too, should be a choice.

Given the change of seasons have become such a magical time for me I thought I’d share a short post from last year around this time as well:

Thoughts about the change of seasons…fall is upon us, winter approaches

I’m loving the approaching fall this year!! The last several years I’ve dreaded the coming of winter…but not anymore…I embrace both the summer and winter of the planet and my own being too…

Last year…as the seasons changed at the same time of year I wrote this:

I wonder why if one’s feelings changes with the seasons it’s not simply seen as being in tune with nature…instead it’s often pathologized.

I find it wondrous that my whole being moves with the seasons…illustrating our oneness with all.

fall from max patch

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