More shamanic dancing and music (or if you want to be clinical, dance and sound therapy)

The below comments were made on a Facebook status update not too long ago:

indigo the catmy kitty is definitely a medicine/shaman cat. I was dancing (wildly) to an electronic shamanic dance beat and he was on the kitchen counter. I started dancing to him…my head moving like mad right in front of him…he jumped on my head for the ride!! then we danced wildly about and I danced him off of me…again dancing wildly in front of him…now he was on the floor…he JUMPED onto me…for MORE…yes…I love my wild shaman kitty!!

I have to say that dancing madly to whatever music calls me has been a far more effective trauma release practice than these more clinically oriented trauma release exercises. That said, we all respond to different methods of care. That is why I always talk about listening to our own internal guidance. We know. Our body knows. Better than anyone else. In the end the only compliance that matters is that which we give to our own deepest knowing.

So, if you try to dance for healing and growth, move any way your body wants to move. You need not look graceful or sexy…just move any which way while listening to and learning from your body so that you might respond to it’s deepest needs.

And find the music, too, that speaks to you particularly at any moment. For me it’s ever changing. The internet, again, allows one to browse endlessly and there is a lot of music one can find for free. Try youtube and soundcloud for starters.

Below is the track I was dancing to when my kitty joined me. (from the quoted comment above)


Also available for free download. Just click on the word download above.

More on moving/dancing/shaking for healing:

I’ve been sharing music and sounds that move me lately…for a collection see here: More sounds for the soul from Beyond Meds.


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