An intro Qigong practice session and course

Qigong has been complimenting my yoga practice lately. I am very much a novice but I find the additional flowing movement something I need at times. Included here is a link to a full free (pay what you can) online course. …

This is a nice little intro that’s a great warm up session and work out both.

I’m planning on taking this online course:

qigongThis video is part of a comprehensive 12 week online qigong training course from Long White Cloud Qigong (LWCQ). You can check out the whole course organized conveniently for you here: Qigong Foundation Practices

This course has been offered on a ‘give freely, receive freely’ (GFRF) basis. You can make a voluntary payment in appreciation for the benefit you receive for this course on the LWCQ website. You can read more about GFRF here: Give Freely Receive Freely

In this course you will learn important foundation practices for qigong:
• Meditation and Mindfulness
• Breathing
• Posture
• Energy Awareness
You will apply these skills to set of twelve qigong exercises designed to make you healthy, strong and vital. There is one exercise for each of the main organs and meridians in the body in this set of exercises.

This video gives an example of the qigong exercises you will be learning in this course.

More movement options:

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