The karmic rule

ginsbergI think you have to follow the kharmic rule — that any action taken in anxiety, creates more anxiety. Any action taken in anger, spreads anger. Any action taken in violence, spreads violence. Any action taken in calm, spreads calm. Any action taken in equanimity, spreads equanimity. Any action taken gently, spreads gentility. To call cops pigs, is to create them in that image. To see them as future buddhas is to create them in that image. And since we are all in actuality future buddhas, you have to begin treating people more respectfully. Back and forth. Otherwise you lose ground.  The problem in the world is violence, and aggression against nature. And the use of aggression and violence to create home peace, at least in the situation around here, is contradictory.  ~ Allen Ginsburg, From: A talk with Allen Ginsburg: after the Tompkins Square police riot

By Ginsburg:

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