Nia dance…another method to achieve ecstatic movement

niaI find that when I tell people about how I love to go to ecstatic dancing in my community that some number of people are intimidated at the thought of letting loose on the dance floor. I have personally found it the most comfortable way I can be with people right now, but I understand that for many dancing is a somewhat scary thing. What I like about the groups I dance with here is that it’s as acceptable to sit against the wall and meditate as it is to dance. I often meditate or do yoga in the corner when I’m not up to dancing the whole session. It’s truly a safe space for me and I love it. There is a lovely and comfortable intimacy that develops with these folks even though many of us have never even spoken before.

Yesterday I visited an old friend of mine who teaches Nia. I did Nia only once many years ago, so it was pretty new to me this time as well. Nia is a more directive dance class in which the students follow the teacher. It too is a lot of fun. I think that for some people it might be a nice way to ease into the whole dance thing.

I’m still rehabbing so before I attend any class (yoga, dance, Tai Chi, or even non-exercise events, actually) I always ask the teacher or organizers if it would be okay if I sit down or leave early. I tell the people that I do not want to disrupt the class or event in any way and if it’s not a situation that comfortably allows for such accommodation I will not be offended in any way. That has worked out really well. I express my needs and also my concern for the classes needs. Most of the time there is no conflict. On a couple of occasions I have been told it probably wouldn’t work out and I’m grateful to know that and I simply don’t go to the class or event. This is how I have learned to take care of myself and make healthy boundaries.

So yesterday, I actually danced for about half an hour and then I left. It was perfect for me. My nervous system goes into overdrive very easily and so I need to listen very intently to my body so that I don’t overdo it. I know a lot of folks recovering from psychiatric drug use and withdrawal are in similar conditions so I share my strategies that you, too, might learn to ask for what you need and start to create safe spaces for yourselves as I am learning to do. I’m so grateful to have found so many lovely people in my community that are willing to help support my rehabilitation process. I needed to ask, though, to find them.

Below is a video with on of the co-founders of Nia teaching some basic moves. You can follow along in your living room if you like. Or look for local Nia classes here.

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