Twitter as therapeutic agent

Below is an interview about how twitter helped me heal and transform when I was struggling with a grave and serous long-term chronic illness. I often refer to that time of my life as a dark night of the soul. See: Monica’s story: the aftermath of polypsychopharmacology and Dark Night of the Soul posts

During the period of time I’m discussing I was not tweeting from an account that made my identity known, so most people following me were not following me because I was the author/editor of Beyond Meds. This was by design so that I could simply be an anonymous member of humanity. I was healing and truly needed a safe and quiet place for myself. I still actually create such spaces for myself online where I can be a somewhat private citizen.

This interview came to be because Erica Fletcher, a grad student working on her thesis was interested in my experience.

I’ve often said there are as many ways to heal as there are human beings. This was a significant part of my path for a good long while.


And just for fun below I have listed a collection of posts that have used tweets from twitter as their foundation. They were tweeted from several different accounts as I healed. Some as the author of this blog and others from my more anonymous accounts. Today I only use one account on Twitter and I really don’t use it like I used it when it was my therapeutic agent anymore. Our needs change as we grow and heal.


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