Mini-twitter rant…

I do twitter as a low impact social sport since I can’t really talk much these days, nor am I able to do much correspondence through email due to how my brain and body work while sick with the acute post benzo withdrawal syndrome. I’ve found that twitter satisfies my need to interact with human beings without the stress and pressure most other forms of communication seem to have. It’s been a wonderful means for me to stay engaged with the broader world.

More often than not my tweets come in spurts of just one. Every now and then I’m moved to do a series as I was a couple of days ago. I thought I’d share since it’s quite salient to the blog and in fact links to a couple of articles within the blog.

For those of you who do not use twitter — the first tweet is my repeating someone else’s tweet. After that the following tweets are a response to the initial tweet that @BipolarBearMD tweeted:

RT @BiPolarBearMD Did u know people with mental illness die 10 yrs younger? We want Fair Treatment Now http:/


*@BiPolarBearMD those “preventable” diseases the mentally ill die from would be easier to prevent off drugs. People need non-pharma options!


Psychiatric drugs cause metabolic syndromes,which cause massive weight gain, diabetes, heart disease etc. They also make people very lethargic


So lethargic exercise feels impossible for some people. Psych meds also make smoking much more rewarding http:/ & much harder to quit


Often it’s next to impossible to lose weight on psych drugs as well… http:/ but that doesn’t stop docs from blaming patient


People think I’m anti-med, instead I’m pro-education and pro-option http:/ right now ppl don’t understand the issues mostly

I posted another twitter stream a while back here.

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