We human beings desire and long for true intimacy

From Francis Bennet’s Facebook page:

intimacyOn the one hand, we human beings desire and long for true intimacy, we desire to love and to be loved, probably more than anything; more than great success, or beauty, more than fame or possessions, or great wealth or anything else at all that we may feel we desire. We seem to be hard-wired for this. It just seems to be the way we are made. We long to love and be loved, we long to have true intimacy in our lives, and when we feel we do not for some reason, our lives make little sense to us and don’t feel very meaningful or fulfilling, no matter what other exciting and fascinating things they may be filled with…

And then, on the other hand, true intimacy, to love and to be loved, is the one thing that often scares us the most because of the vulnerability, transparency and complete honesty that is always a part of it. We fear love and intimacy because we are afraid that it will hurt us somehow. We are afraid to be so open and honest with someone else. We are afraid that if they know us THAT well, they may not love us after all. We fear rejection and even more, we fear the idea that we may actually not even really be lovable at all.

So the one thing that we long for with all our hearts is the one thing we also fear the most. It is one of the great paradoxes of our life. A lot of our lives is spent navigating the seeming contradiction between this deep heart-felt desire that we feel we MUST fulfill and the innate fear we have of actually fulfilling it. We run toward intimacy and love and ironically, we run away from it at precisely the same time. This will be very frustrating for us and we will often feel that we are taking one step forward and two steps back and then two steps forward and one step back ……. until, on a day of profound grace and clarity, we come to finally realize that WE ARE LOVE ITSELF and that we always have been and always will be.

By Francis Bennet: I am that I am

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