The inner life of rebellion: on being a rebel

From On Being and Parker Palmer:

It’s an act of rebellion to show up as someone trying to be whole and I would add, as someone who believes that there is a hidden wholeness beneath the very evident brokenness of our world. – Parker Palmer


lifeMy point is that I’m standing here having quote “figured a lot of things out” through 75 years of education, social engagement, risk taking, rebellion, although I think you can claim the rebel status only in retrospect, and only very lightly, because as soon as you start thinking in this moment consciously I’m a rebel, you screw it all up. This self-labeling is dangerous stuff. Just do what you do. I mean, the bird doesn’t think I’m a bird, I can fly. Why, you know……what am I doing sitting here on a branch? They just, you know, they do what they do. – Parker Palmer

Listen to the interview here:

Read the transcript here on On Being

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