purple dahliaUpdate: other regular authors who have dashboard access may be publishing while I continue to take hiatus.

I’ve not posted anything for 5 days now. A few of you have reached me to ask what is up. It’s very unusual for me to not post even one day, so yes, you’re right, I’ve had a shift. I’m fine and things are okay. I’ve taken hiatus before. I don’t believe one has ever lasted more than a month or two and usually I’ve come back much sooner than that.

This time I’ve responded to an inner prompt that basically just said “Stop.” The stop was around blogging and social media in particular. I’m still doing all my healing practices and research. I can’t say how long I’ll stay stopped. I will resume when the inner prompt indicates it’s time. I might tweet a wee bit because that’s always been a low impact but healthy form of social media for me. I’ve actually posted two tweets in the last several days in any case, so I’m not a black and white kind of gal, as most of you know.

What I can say is that I feel like I need to come back to the bulk of this part of my work with a new understanding and thus a different relationship. My energies are limited and I hope to do some reassessment while I’m off. Coming back may or may not look like what I’ve done up to now. I’m open to it being whatever it needs to be. In any case a retreat is in order and I’m taking it.

I’m also doing some more reading. For example I’m finally reading The Body Keeps the Score, I’ve done several posts on it already) and I’m working with a couple of new body/mind practices too.

Take good care.

(note) This post will post automatically to social media sites where I will not be around to respond.

The front homepage of the blog has been reorganized with posts that include collections so folks can peruse the archives more easily while I’m not actively posting. Please also visit the drop down menus for more access to the archives.

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