Wasp medicine

I got attacked by a wasps colony today. I am alive, in one piece and while I went into clear shock there was no anaphylactic activity whatsoever. Amazing. I’m still kind of in a weird zone, but I am well. (with about 10 stings that HURT) Oddly, I feel very sad right now…but it’s like a weird grounding sadness. There is something lovely about it I cannot quite grasp. I think it’s a response to what was essentially a trauma. Through the whole thing I felt a sense of being one with life…the wasp stings were inoculations of a kind I cannot completely understand but it was all okay even as my body shook and cried and went through what it had to go through as the animal body that it is.

I happened to be at a friend’s house who is also a doctor of Chinese medicine so we took care of it that way. It was good. No need to visit urgent care though there was a time I would have rushed there. Now it’s actually risky for me to go to an emergency room given the drugs they use aren’t safe for me. 

I’ve had serious and potentially life threatening histamine issues…when I said inoculation I meant it…now a friend who has the same issues told me this:

Oh wow. Well consider this: there’s a crazy doc who thinks that bee venom is the cure for histamine issues. Not so nuts, stimulating one of the receptors by venom has been shown to balance the others.

So, yeah. I’d say this is a shamanic initiation of sorts coming to me in the midst of a maelstrom of healing energetics of late. I thank the powers that be.

Another friend shared this article: Wasp medicine and totem — it’s fun to read

Update: the histamine response took 24 hours to hit. It’s now been about 36 hours. I’m dealing with swelling and general malaise. It continues to operate as a shamanic journey…giving me information about my histamine condition and how to move forward with the healing journey.

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