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Earth, take me down into your core.
Water, let me run fluid and resilient like you, transparent and true.
The forest is my church and my refuge.
The trees speak to me and hold me.
The way ahead may be seemingly impassable. A jungle of shrubs, branches, death and mayhem.
Look up and there is clarity. Look down and there is depth for that clarity to be held within.
Baptism in the forest, in the stream, in the water.
There are those who deny the light and there are those who deny the dark.
It doesn’t matter which side you are denying. The denial will cause harm.
There is no being, there is no groundedness, there is no truth unless we hold both the light in the dark, together as one within.
The light overshadows the dark and while we hold the darkness, it is the light that allows us to transmute the darkness in ourselves and in those we touch.
The light prevails.
When one denies the dark, one is not allowing the light to illuminate it and one is therefore in darkness.

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2 thoughts on “Baptism

  1. I feel You, sister, in me! “Essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of the Earth is water. The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being. “ -Upanishads


  2. I love you using art, the poem, the photographs. I’m sure you’ve done this before and I just wasn’t aware, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say yes!


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