Taking the Mask Off Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Taking the Mask Off -host  Cortland Pfeffer. We had good fun. I hope you enjoy it too:

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Itunes Taking the Mask Off Podcast Ep 005 Beyond Meds


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podcast episode 5 beyond meds




One thought on “Taking the Mask Off Podcast

  1. Monica, this was absolutely amazing, thank you. This was my first time hearing you speak (although I read/have read much of your blog) and you have articulated so very much of what I have felt, witnessed, experienced… and concluded (concluded?… figured out?…. what I now understand.) I am still processing this interview and will probably give it another listen or two, but wanted to just say, thank you. This is such important work for us as individuals and is equally important for us as a species and on this planet. So inspiring!


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