Neurobiology and yoga

A friend of mine who is a highly ethical and unusually tuned in yoga teacher is offering some courses. Kristine Kaoverii Weber gave me the basic foundations of yoga that got me out of bed when I was bedridden. Really it felt like a transmission because with her early coaching/teaching I literally rose up out of that bed and became a yogi. I love yoga. So much. I’ve shared many posts on yoga over the years. What Kaoverii told me when I was bedridden and my muscles were totally atrophied was that yoga for me in that condition could be simply lifting a leg up and rotating my ankle. Lifting my arm up and rotating my wrist. Doing this mindfully and slowly several times a day while I lay in bed is how I started. Yoga, practiced like this, in baby steps is how I started. Later and even now sometimes just a couple minutes of yoga once or twice a day is what is appropriate in my still very delicate body. Sometimes I can also do a full-length class-like practice too.  Responding to the body now means that our practice can look different every single day. You can learn more about my own practice here: Yoga tips for those with challenged nervous systems

I mostly practiced in my home and have used youtube and my body’s sense of how to progress with occasional check-ins with my two yogi teacher friends. (Leaflin too has been a great support). Kaoverii, my first teacher, really gave me such a profound sense of what yoga really is while I was still  in bed and so I never felt the need to compete or be like everyone else in classroom settings. I listen to my chronically ill body and to this day continue to do what is appropriate for it now and nothing else. Kaoverii remains an inspiration and a friend whom I check in with on occasion when something weird is going on in my yoga world…she always illuminates my understanding.


BELOW IS KRISTINE KAOVERII WEBERS invitation to her class. The sort of information she shares is directed towards teachers yet getting to know and understand this sort of information can help anyone better understand what is happening in their bodies and the bodies of those they may be supporting and/or teaching in some way. These insights can also be especially helpful to those of us struggling to learn how to use our bodies again after or during chronic illness. Kaoverii is a teacher’s teacher while remaining accessible to anyone.


“The Yoga and Neuroscience Connection: An Online Training for Yoga Professionals.”

ver frustrated to find yourself in situations where you can’t explain the scientific benefits of yoga?

Or, you’re good with the science, but you can’t translate it simply and convincingly?

Are you:


  • Frustrated because some students think yoga is just exercise?
  • Wanting to make a bigger impact on the lives and health of your students with a more holistic and science-based approach?
  • Stuck teaching fast, fitness yoga because that’s what students seem to want?
  • Feeling like your work is undervalued or dismissed?
  • Lacking the confidence to seek out referrals from healthcare providers?
  • Wanting to be the best yoga teacher you can be & stand out from the crowd?


Kaoverii’s Facebook Page: Subtle Yoga

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