Stimulate your vagus nerve and thus chill out: simple, natural, noninvasive methods

I am reblogging a post from 2015 I came across today. It has some fun natural healing suggestions that happen to be backed up with some good ol’ science.

“Several of the simple, natural and noninvasive methods to stimulate the vagus nerve are things I’ve already been doing and sharing here. I didn’t necessarily realize that I was stimulating the vagus nerve and that’s why I was finding it so soothing. My favorite is listening to various sorts of chanting. I’ve done several posts on my love of sound and tonal healing. Well, this is why. I’m stimulating my vagus nerve…. (more examples in original post….click through)

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The Low Histamine Chef published a post yesterday: The vagus nerve inflammation connection. I was tickled to get a list of various self-hacks on how to stimulate the vagus nerve. Once the vagus nerve is stimulated we calm down! It’s like magic. The vagus nerve is implicated in all sorts of stress. Like Yasmina points out it intimately involved in inflammation and therefore also the histamine response so many of us with histamine issues are dealing with.

It’s also implicated in the immune response and also in complex PTSD (which in my experience are related). So really it can also be involved in many sorts of ANXIETY. Regardless of how we have labeled or consider it. If you’re feeling stressed out give the information in this post is worth considering.

See also: Immune Response is Secondary to Trauma, at Mad in America

Several of the simple, natural and uninvasive methods…

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    1. The central nervous system possesses an incredible ability to rewire and repair itself. Chronic stress and anxiety attacks used to play a huge role in my daily life. However, after trying many different healing strategies I was able to find a life changing and long term solution. I was able to build new neurological pathways in the higher brain. These pathways were conditioned to sustain a mindset of calm and resilience thereby displacing earlier habits of chronic stress. -Warmly, Kathleen

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