The eternal child

The “eternal child” (puer/puella aeternus) in man is an indescribable experience,
an incongruity, a handicap, and a divine prerogative; an imponderable that determines the ultimate worth or worthlessness of a personality. – CG Jung

Gary, who shared the above with me also made this response:

Eventually, the exuberant but significantly out-of-touch individual may let the delusions of grandeur and inflated self-image melt into an awareness of life beyond one’s own skin and accept the inevitable.

Late to the consciousness of the collective and life, dialog is possible then … and consciousness of one’s ‘fait accompli’ enables the mere grape to become wine.Gary Anderson

That was a wallop to my own grandiosity and made me consider my “Trilogy of the Shadow Child” from another perspective. Ouch. Growing up, melting into awareness is some humbling work and there is no shame in that, too.



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  1. I was thinking of just the same topic today. I am becoming more adult now, after processing large amounts of trauma, but I was thinking back to when I was in a bad way, and I needed to or was supposed to grow up. Just the thought of doing so caused me considerable pain and distress. I see now that I wasn’t in a fit state to grow up, and I conclude this is because the development that leads from conception through childhood into adulthood had been seriously sabotaged and damaged.

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