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…our entire society loves to dissociate because it’s painful to be here not knowing what the heck is going on. Dissociation is a legitimate coping mechanism but coming to consciousness requires understanding when we do it — at the very least. And heck yeah, I feel like an alien too…most of us do…hence the multiple varieties of ways to dissociate called spirituality and/or religion (and alternately psychiatric diagnosis too)…the stories are endless and include everyone, diagnosed or not. Normal includes other flavors of dissociation. One might say everyone is mentally ill. Getting grounded can be painful….


from last year, but never published to this site:

This is a story that emerged last night. It points to the mystery but is not the mystery. We can’t really know the mystery.

Seems to me there is a sort of access of levels to consciousness this body/mind has. There is the ego which is the least conscious but when in cooperation with body awareness is not a problem at all. Then there is the body. This body with access to all lived experience in the human race and beyond via our DNA. Our DNA communicates to us that which might be referred to as the collective consciousness (to use a Jungian term). Then, there is the intersection of this body with the unknown — that which has never been lived and that only this body is in a unique position to discover and thus add to the collective knowledge of all humanity and sentient life. Each body is specialized and in that way we all learn something different that will benefit the whole.


when you discover grounding lets go into freefall. There is no ground…


Narrative and story are tools of interpretation. They do not and cannot represent absolute truth. Within the evolving persons life a narrative can change many times. Alternately one might apply a multitude of narratives to a single issue so that in effect one can see themselves simultaneously through many prisms and thus have a more holistic and profound understanding of their experience.

Imposing our narrative on another is violence, just as their imposing theirs on us is too.

Narratives carry what might be called energetic information. If one cannot find the energetic truth of another’s personal narrative one cannot communicate with the other.

Ultimately when one frees themselves from attachment to any particular narrative, then narratives cease to have energetic impact and clarity comes.

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