Sexual assault, psychiatric assault and the patriarchy

I’ve been dealing with the reality of sexual assault in my life and how psychiatry permanently silenced me by not even inquiring what was going on in my life when they started drugging the shit out of me.

The fact is psychiatry as a tool of the patriarchy supported the men who sexually assaulted me by never even asking or wanting to know what had happened to me. I will be writing more about this.  This is just the beginning.

Those of us who have both been sexually assaulted and then assaulted by psychiatry have wounding so deep that nobody listens to us really – nobody listens to both a woman and a crazy person.

Psychiatry very expertly steals every little last bit of credibility from us. It is an injustice so deep and so sickening and so completely denied by Society at Large that now I mostly hide because I can’t handle it anymore.

I have no more social media accounts that are associated with my work because the pain is too much. I still can’t be silent even as I withdraw and retreat. I make my post public because I want to be able to speak but I also want to feel safe and my nervous system is permanently injured by the drugs psychiatry used to silence me so that I might not challenge the patriarchy. I’m not dead yet and so I am speaking even while hiding because I don’t know how not to do that anymore.

The thing is — and this is not appreciated — it costs us to speak. It costs us a lot and it has continued to make me sick even as I heal. Yeah what a conundrum.

I’m only now really dealing with the breadth and scope of what has happened to countless thousands of us, but I’ve been writing about it from many different perspectives for a longtime. Below is a taste of some of it.


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