Trauma and the body

An old post from 2013 (edited slightly) remains true today for me and is still a guide as I slowly learn the implications of what I was writing about 5 and 10 years ago…yup, I need my own work and this continues to be the case…this is a learning process that likely does not end. I’m grateful for what has come through to be written as I’m still finding my way too. It’s good to be reminded of what some part of me always knows:

This is the post and a collection of links below:

body-e1375260372417Trauma that is held in the body over time freezes…the healing process requires defrosting…it can be painful…physically and emotionally. Their is no separation between body and mind. The body is mind, the mind is body. So what is done to the body is done to the mind and what is done to the mind is done to the body. It’s a vibrant, synergistic relationship of oneness.

The body needs to be listened to. It can tell you more than you can imagine. Including what it needs for deep sustenance. It can help bring help bring healing to both ourselves and our collective humanity. Learning to listen to the body, depending on how long it’s been ignored can be a long, painful, but also, wonderfully process.

And when I first started learning to do this I had to do it in tiny wee bits because my body was in screaming pain from the iatrogenic damage the psych drugs caused. See: Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure in time though it helped lead to understanding my body in such a way that I could nurture it in many ways.

More on Beyond Meds about Trauma and the Body:

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